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Wherever you are, we will deliver the expected "alternative cult" movies.

①『The beast hand (邦題:獣手)』



DIRECTED BY : Taichiro Natsume

JAPAN / 2023 / 77 MIN



Osamu Kogure, a man who spends his days poor but indifferently while doing day labor. One day in front of him who lives at the bottom of society, his senior Inui suddenly appears. When Inui goes up to Osamu's house, he calls out Koyuki, a woman who was once related to Osamu. It was dry trying to control Osamu and Koyuki with violence and make the two of them rob, but the plan failed. As a result, Osamu loses his left hand. Osamu survived by seeing a dark doctor at another place, but the lost left hand was deformed. Vowing revenge on the robbers who cut off Osamu's hands, Osamu and Koyuki leave the city where they lived...Takahiro Fukuya, the leading actor, was a former office worker who worked in the film industry, and although he was once devasted by the harsh working environment, he planned his own starring movie to regain hope again. He shot the first half of the movie with his own investment, and collected the production cost of the second half through crowdfunding to complete it. Talented actors such as Misa Wada, Yota Kawase, Yuya Matsuura, Yudai Uenishi, and Taro Suwa gathered for co-starring sublime as the ultimate violence horror. Taichiro Natsume, the director of "Well Shark" "Love Shark" served as the director.


②『A SAMURAI IN TIME (邦題:侍タイムスリッパー)』



DIRECTED BY : Junichi Yasuda

JAPAN / 2023 / 137 MIN


At the end of the Edo period in Kyoto, during a stormy night a samurai prepares to fight against a ronin, when a flash of lighting hits and when he wakes up to find himself in a different time. He has been transported through time to the present day and the location where he was about to duel is now a film set for jidaigeki TV shows and movies. Still in his samurai clothes he is mistaken for an extra and immediately thrust into the world of jidaigeki productions. Due to his very ‘authentic’ look and speech, he starts working on many productions and finds himself playing the role of a “kirareyaku”, a swordsman whose job is to die spectacularly on film.


③『Echoes of the Shadows(邦題:いずれあなたが知る話)』


The Sant Boi de Llobregat International Fantastic Film Festival

DIRECTED BY : Takeshi Furusawa
JAPAN / 2023 / 68 MIN


Yasuko is a single mother raising her only daughter in a rundown apartment. Unable to make ends meet with her lunch box shop job, Yasuko decides to become a sex worker. One day, Yasuko returns home and discovers her daughter has been kidnapped. However, Yasuko does not choose to get Aya back. Why? Yasuko's secret routine begins.One man recognizes her actions, which no one is supposed to know.


④『Firing the Lighter Gun (邦題:ピストルライターの撃ち方)』



Diamond Star International Film Festival(2024)



DIRECTED BY :Kohei  Sanada

JPAN / 2023 / 118 MIN



In the not-too-distant future, a nuclear accident occurs in the countryside. However, life continues without change in the neighboring town. There, Tatsuya works for the yakuza and forces decontamination laborers to work in the exclusion zone.

He tries to get on the yakuza Otaki's good side, but it doesn't work out because of his lack of ruthlessness. Tatsuya’s best friend Ryo is released from prison, and Mari, a migrant sex worker, move into Tatsuya's house. With nowhere to go, this trio gradually opens up to each other, but their relationship changes due to a suicide.

Ryo awakens to violence and is favored by Otaki and given a job. Tatsuya must make a choice.


⑤『Yuzo the biggest battle in tokyo (邦題:特撮喜劇 大木勇造 人生最大の決戦)』



Another Hole in the Head Film FestivalーBest Fantasy Feature Film(2023)

Kansas City Underground Film Festivalー Best Feature Film Jury Award(2022)


Pambujan International Film Festival(2023)

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival(2022)

DIRECTED BY : Yoshikazu Ishii

JAPAN / 2022 / 88 MIN


In 2020, the world is threatened by COVID-19. The virus threatens not only people’s health, but also the economy. Yuzo Ooki, who has been enjoying a remote life in Tokyo, is unexpectedly fired. Managing to find a new job, Yuzo navigates the maze of crazy coworkers: the money-grubbing president, the fitness instructor with no members, the garbage thief in the name of waste recycling, the sales manager addicted to gambling, and the man who dresses as a dog! Yuzo is undaunted, yet struggles. However, he is bullied by these new workmates and dumped by his girlfriend. Then, Yuzo gives in to despair. In that moment an alien encounter changes everything as it feeds off the co-workers and melds with their madness creating an explosion of energy that plunges the town into chaos. Only Yuzo can save them from this crisis. Beaten down to the depths of despair, but now he rises to his feet. Yuzo!!


⑥『​​Distant Thunder (邦題:とおいらいめい)』



The Philip K Dick Science Fiction Film FestivalーBest Culture in Sci-Fi(2024)


Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles HollywoodーBest Director(2022)

Indobali international film festivalーBest Feature film(2022)


Melbourne Science Fiction FILM FESTIVAL(2023)
Santa Monica Film Festival(2023)
Takasaki Film FESTIVAL (2023)
Cinequest Film & VR Festival(2022)
Polish International Film Festival(2022)
Madrid International Film Festival(2022)

Sydney Science Fiction FILM FESTIVALーSPECIAL MENTIONS(2023) Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles HollywoodーBest Director(2022) Indobali international film festivalーBest Feature film(2022)

DIRECTED BY : Takayuki Ohashi

JAPAN / 2022 / 145 MIN



The film encompasses two distinct yet overlapping narratives. In modern day Setouchi, three sisters are reunited after the death of their father. The reaffirmation of their shared love is crucial; in two months, a meteor will lay waste to humanity. The sisters recall their days as young girls, in the year 1999, the memories helping to strengthen their resilience and ease their anxiety as the end draws near.

From Simon Foster, Festival Director of the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival: “Distant Thunder is one of the most beautifully meditative storytelling experiences I have ever seen. It is a breathtakingly lovely, heartbreakingly moving piece of speculative cinema.”


⑦『Cosmetic DNA』



Hamburg Film Festival(2022)

Yubari International Fantastic Film Festivalー​​Hokkaido Governor's Award(2022)

DIRECTED BY :Kenya  Okubo

JAPAN / 2021 / 109 MIN



Ayaka Tojo, an art college student who loves cosmetics, is drugged and sexually assaulted by Keisuke Shibashima, a self-proclaimed film director, who picks her up and asks her to be in his movie. Ayaka is forced to cry herself to sleep, and she becomes mentally ill, but she gradually regains her composure after meeting Satomi, a graduate student, and Yumi, an apparel store clerk. However, when Ayaka learns that Yumi is Shibashima’s next target, she kills Shibashima out of the blue. As she proceeds to dispose of the corpse, she realizes that human blood is the ideal material for cosmetics.

Cosmetic DNA.jpeg




Chongqing Youth Film Festival(2021)

Kanazawa Film FESTIVAL(2020)

DIRECTED BY :Shinichi  Otsuka

JAPAN / 2020 / 86 MIN



Haruki and Chikako were lovers on the brink of marriage, but they had to part ways because Chikako's father needed care. It was a choice between his life with Chikako and his job in Tokyo, and Haruki chose the latter. Nine years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Haruki hears a rumor that Chikako, who was presumed dead due to the disaster, might be alive. Half in doubt, Haruki sets off for Yokosuka, where Chikako is said to be.

①『The beast hand(邦題:獣手)』
②『Samurai Time Slippers(邦題:侍タイムスリッパー)』
④『 Firing the Lighter Gun(邦題:ピストルライターの撃ち方)』
⑤『Yuzo the biggest battle in tokyo(邦題:特撮喜劇 大木勇造 人生最大の決戦)』
⑥『​​Distant Thunder(邦題:とおいらいめい)』
⑦『Cosmetic DNA』
③『Echoes of the Shadows(邦題:いずれあなたが知る話)』


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